Natacha Giler I was born and raised in Paris. After receiving my degree in journalism, I decided to pursue a career in filmmaking. I wrote and directed several narrative short films and before switching over to documentary filmmaking.

The shift between these two genres required that I develop extensive skills as an editor, and I continue working as such when I am not directing. Over the years, I have worked on films of various genres and formats – from corporate projects to documentary feature films - which have introduced me to a diverse array of people and topics.

I directed my first documentary feature, Ngwane, The Kingdom of Swaziland, in 2007 in Africa. The film was acquired by TV5 Monde and several African TV networks, and was selected for screening at several international film festivals. Later, I directed Griselidis Real, Dance Cards, an exploration into the life and work of Grisélidis Réal (1929- 2005), a unique powerful woman who was both a popular writer and an outspoken prostitute.

In 2012, I moved to New York for 3 years, and continued editing and directing films as such as Women of the Mountains, High on Nano. Now based in Paris, I continue my work on a number of projects from all over the world, and I’m always on the lookout for interesting people and adventures!